Bev Acton- CEO of Aumida

Sarah is a natural leader and an incredibly powerful coach; confident, humble and authentic. I trust Sarah completely and I know without a shadow of a doubt than when she’s coaching me she’s 100% with me and ‘all in’. I go where I need to go in our sessions quickly because Sarah creates and holds a safe space beautifully. Sarah really listens on all levels to what I’m saying and how I’m saying it. She has a beautiful way of holding a mirror up and showing me the bits of myself I just wouldn’t be aware of without her. That’s not always easy but it is essential and sometimes after a session when my head’s in a spin Sarah will intuitively know what I need and will email me key words or discoveries from our session. She has a wonderful way of supporting me and encouraging me right when I need it but it’s genuine and there’s no meaningless fluffy coaching stuff which I can’t stand. If you want a coach who will challenge, encourage, question, support, push and transform you then you need Sarah. I highly recommend her as a coach.

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