David McCallum SJ – leadership specialist and VP of le Moyne College

Sarah is a genius when it comes to the skillful service of others’ learning and growth. Her genius lies in the deep and insightful analysis she brings to understanding peoples’ needs, her assessment of their potential, and the generosity with which she brings herself to facilitation and coaching. We have worked on two international projects involving mission driven leadership development, and in each of them, I was constantly impressed with her capability, creativity, and grace. In the second project, Sarah designed a course that was especially mindful of the contextual demands of each of the participants, such that it was tailored in an incredibly customized way to their distinct gaps and opportunities. As a result, the have been able to translate their learning in a direct and immediate way with real results. Sarah also brings an awareness of what it takes to support and challenge her clients in a way that respects the whole of them as people, including not only their capacity and competence, but their spirit as well. I give her my highest recommendation as a coach and as a facilitator of leadership learning and development.

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