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"Sarah is a thoughtful and skilled facilitator who has an extraordinary capacity for listening into the sense and sensibility of the group, helping participant members discover the next natural step or measure for themselves."

David C. McCallum - Vice President, Le Moyne College, Syracuse, New York

"Sarah is by far one of the best workshop design and facilitators I’ve worked with, and we will definitely be looking to engage with her again in the future."

Jessica Critchlow - L&D Manager, Neoworks

"Sarah creates enjoyable, inclusive and creative environments where everybody feels able to succeed and where people leave sessions feeling enlivened and motivated to make the changes that they want to see happen."

Kate Goodrich - Business Director, Foundation for Peace

"I have been fortunate to have been involved in leadership courses where Sarah has been trainer, and planning meetings that she has facilitated. I have learnt a lot from watching how she works, her meticulous preparation, an ability to sense the energy levels in a group and respond creatively and appropriately to that."

Tim Byron SJ - Director, Manchester University Chaplaincy

Sarah "brings herself to the work of consultation and facilitation with an elegant balance of humility and very intelligent resourcefulness. As a result, she is able to assist the organization in finding its own way forward."

David C. McCallum - Vice President, Le Moyne College, Syracuse, New York

"Sarah is brilliant at motivating ordinary people into doing extraordinary things."

Irene Wilkinson - Education Management Professional

"Sarah has depth in experience and expertise. She has ease to adapt to environments. She’s insightful. She gives feedback and carefully presents it in a way that it will be appreciated."

Edwin Horca, Lorna Umali & Eduardo Estoque, Philippines Save the Children trainer team

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